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How much will I receive for my property?

This is the most common question a seller will ask. The main variables that determine how much we pay for your property include size, location, and proximity to utilities. Many times, a seller has not seen the property for many years so we must take the time to inspect the property ourselves before making an offer.

How long does it typically take to sell my land to Land Service?

The process of inspecting your property and checking with the county for pertinent information usually takes around two to three weeks. Once we inspect your property, we'll send you an offer along with a Sales Agreement. All you need to do is sign the enclosed Sales Agreement and send it back. We'll then send you a deed to sign and have notarized. This process usually only takes a few days.

Are there any costs involved in selling property to Land Service?

Absolutely not! We take care of all closing costs. We pay all fees and expenses associated with the sales process.

Who does Land Service typically purchase property from?

We typically purchase property from private individuals. The property could have been family property inherited by the seller or property purchased for some reason and plans have changed.

What happens with the property Land Service purchases?

Nothing! We purchase property for investment purposes. We aren't builders, developers, or realtors. We're in the business of purchasing property simply for the long-term potential.

What if one of the original owners of the property is deceased or what if I don't have the original deed?

We can still purchase your property under both circumstances. We'll do all the legwork in tracing the original deed with the county and constructing a new deed for us to purchase the property from you. Again, we take care of all the costs of this process.

I've never seen the property I own, will Land Service still purchase the property from me?

Yes! We'll purchase your property regardless if you've seen it or not.

I inherited my property. Will Land Service still purchase it from me?

Yes, absolutely. We'll take care of all necessary paperwork and make the transfer of deed process simple and straightforward. Of course, we'll take care of all the legwork and fees.

Will Land Service purchase property with large improvements on it?

We don't purchase property with large improvements such as homes, manufactured homes, office buildings, or warehouses. In some cases, we do purchase property with small improvements such as a cabin, shed, or garage.

What areas of the country does Land Service purchase property in?

We're interested in property anywhere in the country. We'll glady look into purchasing property in any of the fifty states.

What types of property does Land Service purchase? Does the size or location matter?

Land Service purchases all sizes of property, from small lots to one-hundred acre parcels. We'll gladly investigate any type of land regardless of zoning or location.

Will the sales transaction be closed in escrow?

No, we don't close with an escrow service. We handle all aspects of closing ourselves and make it as easy as possible for our customers. All you need to do is locate a notary near you, go and sign the deed and pick up your check. We want the sales process to be as convenient as possible for our customers.

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