Currently we are no longer accepting web forms.

We may resume this feature in the future, but for now please locate your reference code at the bottom of your letter
(in a box, it generally starts with 'S13' or your states 2 character abreviation)
and contact us at 360 754 1551 to speak with a representative about your property.
Hours of operation are M-F 8am to 12pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm PST

If we have not contacted you directly and you would like to sell your property, please have the following information on hand:
(The information you provide is confidential and will never be sold, rented or distributed. It will not be made public and is strictly for our evaluation of your property.)
1. The parcel number, sometimes called the PID, PIN, Geocode or APN.
2. The size of the parcel. Either dimensions, square footage or size in acres.
3. County and state the property is located in. An address or latitude and longitude coordinates if known.
4. Property owner's name and whether that owner or owners are alive. If the property is in a trust, then the name of the trustee with power to sell the property.
5. Access to the property and type of access meaning; is the road to the property paved, gravel or dirt? If it is just an easement or landlocked. please indicate this.
6. Any structures on the property such as an outbuilding, garage, storage shed, etc.
7. Whether you pay any association dues or maintenance fees and what that amount is per year. Also the name of the association if applicable.

You may also fax this information to us at 360 754 9194
This offer is free of charge and there is absolutely "no obligation"!

You should own your property. Please be aware if you have improved your property, we do not take that into consideration as we are only looking for unimproved property. If you still wish us to give you a quote, please note that those improvements will not be addressed. Property with back taxes can be covered up to the amount that we offer, but taxes will have to come out of any quote we provide as we are not aware of any back taxes at the time of the original offer. We are also not aware of what you paid for the property, so that is not taken into consideration at the time of the offer either.

or print this form and fax it to 360 754 9194
Parcel number  
Parcel size Dimensions ______ x _______, Square Feet _________ or Acres:
Parcel state & county State:                                           County:
Parcel owner's name Or person's name with power to sell the property:
Parcel access By paved, gravel, dirt road or legal easement:
Parcel structures Such as sheds, outbuilding or garage:
Parcel dues or fees (yearly) Association:
Dues/Fee Amount: $

Thank you for your interest in Land Service and we look forward to assisting you in the purchase of your property.

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